I agree to follow the regulations as set forth by the American Kennel Club as they pertain to my purebred dog operations.

I will not sell my puppies to pet shops or commercial pet mill establishments, nor will I donate puppies for raffles or auctions.

I will furnish a signed registration application, an AKC limited registration certificate, and a 3 generation pedigree with each puppy sold.

I will encourage spaying or neutering of puppies sold as pets.

I will maintain the best possible standard of health and care in all of my dogs and see that puppies are immunized. I will furnish a complete health record, plus care and feeding instructions with each puppy sold.

I will represent my dogs as honestly as possible to prospective buyers and try to assist the serious novice in his understanding of the breed.

I will refrain from deceptive or erroneous advertising.

I will advise the purchaser of my puppy to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian within 3 days (72 Hours) of the sale (additional time allowed if the puppy is sold on a Friday or Saturday). I will take the puppy back and replace it, if it is found to be unfit by a veterinarian. NO CASH REFUNDS.


Our polices are adapted from the American Shih Tzu Club Code of Ethics:




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